Hey there! If you have visited my website in 2019 or before, you would know that my website was pretty blue and very blue. Overall, it was unexciting, and there was no fresh content on it. But did that worry me? Oh yes.

So what did I do about it?

Ditch PHP website

$ echo "I are poor men"

So I ditched my legacy website (constant since 2016) and began the hunt of a perfect way to put forward my work and to have more fun on this website instead of simply hosting my unupdated resume.

Static Portfolios are BORING:

Anubhav Singh Says - Static Portfolios are boring

But PHP websites cost. And I needed to fit this thing in my budget.

Hoping for more content in future :D

$ Anubhav "write".

I have this bad habit of creating cool blog websites, and forgetting to write on them. This time, I do hope I am able to keep writing stuff here.

Meme - I will post regularly on this blog and other jokes you can tell yourself

Only hoping that I shall be able to keep this blog alive!

Thanks for hanging around! :)