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Anubhav Singh
Hey, I'm Anubhav Singh. I love building software, mixing stacks and making memes.
Co-founder @ Dynopii  & Google Dev Expert in GCP

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I used to lead the volunteer team at GDG Cloud Kolkata and co-led the team at TFUG Kolkata
I established DSC NSEC and Winter of Code.
I run a support channel for GSoC aspirants at FossFlow since 2020.

  • Docker Python Dump HTTP Request Example

    13 May, 2023

    This blog is an explanation for the code present in the repo. The main purpose of the repo is to create a simple HTTP server developed using Python's Flask framework, hosted in a Docker envi...

  • Job Scheduling on Google Cloud Platform

    13 April, 2023

    Job scheduling is like conducting an orchestra; every task must play its part at the right time to create a harmonious symphony of efficiency. In the world of software systems, job scheduling plays a critical role in ensuring efficient task executio...

  • Python Websockets SSL with Let's Encrypt date

    21 November, 2022

    This tutorial is an explanation of my gist Python Websockets SSL with Let's Encrypt . With the launch of HTML5 in 2008, a technology that immediately took off in popularity was WebSockets. According to W3C, the basic definition of a Websocket is - an...

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