Hi there! I realized I began sort of suddenly, talking about networks first and then a tech scholarship, while not having yet talked about how things began for me and what I believe is a good way to launch a journey in computer science.

So, talking about past, eh?

No really, but sort of, but unkinda.

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How does it all begin?

print "Hello World"

Starting a journey in tech is more about willing to explore the unknown. Unlike other fields, its not about reading up a good deal of literature first and then trying to apply it.

No programmer reads the documentation beyond Getting Started unless they’re stuck.

And that’s what you should do with your journey - if you really wish to start moving forward in your tech journey, stop trying to know all about it. Just be like this -

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Oh but what do I do?

What you do once you’re started is simple - you do what you love doing. Computer Science is that one field which holds the potential to help you in whatever passion you hold - from high school algebra to politics (The Great Hack) or discovering new planets, your tech journey can take you pretty much anywhere you wish to go!

A nice way to begin climbing the mountain is to identify it. Set goals of what you wish to build.

Don’t learn a language just because you wish to speak it, but don’t have anything to say.

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But..how do I learn X and Y to do Z?


Reading blogs, documentations, papers is probably the best habit you can develop in your tech journey. Start being a regular at Google and begin searching out all possible ways of expressing your query. Read as many resources you can get. Don’t straight off jump into video courses and lectures - take time to understand from blogs what you’re trying to learn and how it is going to be useful to you.

Don’t be technology intolerant.

Be fair to all frameworks or libraries you know or do not know of when deciding what you need to learn to build something. Don’t jump into learning something just because others are doing it. Rememeber, thoughts come before words, and we choose words based on thoughts. Choose your frameworks or languages based on what best suits the product you wish to build.

What did you learn today

Today, in under 3 minutes you went through my take on what are the most important points you need to remember when starting a journey in tech!

I’ll post more on this blog on 16th Jan, 2020! Bookmark my site to stay tuned!

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