Anubhav Singh
Hey, I'm Anubhav Singh. I love building software, mixing stacks and making memes.
Co-founder @ Dynopii  & Google Dev Expert in GCP

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I used to lead the volunteer team at GDG Cloud Kolkata and co-led the team at TFUG Kolkata
I established DSC NSEC and Winter of Code.
I run a support channel for GSoC aspirants at FossFlow since 2020.

  • Golang vs Python: API Performance Load Test

    28 February, 2024

    In 2016, when I had started learning Python, I was increasingly convinced it would be the last programming language I would learn. After countless projects created with Python, a couple of technical books written, I am now learning Golang. Why? While...

  • Build a Gemini Store with Google Sheets

    11 February, 2024

    Overview Duration: 1 Have you ever been in a situation where you had to qualitatively analyse a large amount of data on a spreadsheet and you wished for someone to take away your pain? With Google's Gemini running directly in your Google Sheets you c...

  • Revamping my blog with Hashnode Headless CMS

    3 February, 2024

    This blog has been written for the Hashnode Headless API Hackathon and the Gatsby + Hashnode Headless + Typescript is publicly available at - Since 2019, when I switched to a minimal content layout...

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