Some of the best projects I have worked on, are listed here.

Open Source

Projects which I’ve contributed to as an open source contributor -

Submitty (GitHub)

I contributed to this project as a part of my Google Summer of Code 2019 program. Submitty is an open source programming assignment submission system from the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software (RCOS), launched by the Department of Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Features I worked on

  • Refactoring Forum Templates to work with Twig
  • Solving VPAT Issues to make the website more accessible
  • Add AJAX to the Forum
  • Add WebSocket to the Forum and Notifications

Technology PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, JavaScript, Shell

My GSoC Report A detailed summary of my contribution to the project can be found here - Anubhav GSoC Report

Own Projects

The projects that were my own initiatives, sometimes done in collaboration with fellow developers -

Aify.JS (GitHub)

Aify.js is a library which when embedded on your web page, can quickly add the power of AI to your website in the form of several features, without you having to invest in any backend or machine learning costs.


  • Captioning for images on page
  • Label determination for page elements
  • Web page short summary
  • Voice UX
  • Browser Extension

Technology Python (Django), PyTorch, Tesseract OCR, JavaScript (ES6), Google Cloud Platform, DialogFlow

Collaborators (GitHub)

iunv was a built from scratch social network and search engine which during the time of its operation in 2012-2014 ranked among the top 500 websites in India. The social network hosted more than 60k users and over 1 million activities on the platform were recorded.


  • Worldwide search
  • Instant Messaging
  • Social features
  • Video sharing

Technology PHP, MySQL, WebSockets, Web Crawler, Job Automation

RL-based traffic resolution (GitHub)

Built for a contest by TATA Consultancy Services, the project won the 2nd runner’s up award, presenting a novel method of quickly resovling the traffic of a city by controlling the traffic light timings. The allgorithm was designed to adapt itself to the varying traffic intensity during the day, week and other special occasions.


  • Reinforcement learning
  • Image processing
  • Internet of Things based solution

Technology PHP, MySQL, REST APIs, Python


DistPano (GitHub)

Built for a problem statement by the Indian Space Reasearch Organization, DistPano was a distributed computing system for performing image stitching on high resolution geo images using public compute nodes.


  • Distributed computing
  • Fault tolerance
  • Low network consumpting
  • Integrable with BOINC

Technology PHP, MySQL, REST APIs, Java, C++, Python