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A post after ages, yeah breaks happen

Jun 282017

The title already reads the first sentence I wanted to write here, so taking a cut - I had been super involved with life!

Let's summarize it by the months - 


February : spent most of it freelancing and also learning about Machine Learning

March: Developed the college fest website : Mesmerizer - The Cultural fest of NSEC (If the link is broken, maybe its hosting expired. Sorry! I can give you a demo if you're interested. Contact me.)

April: Avenir! Involved neck deep in Avenir - the Annual Tech Fest of NSEC. Did Arduino for the first time. 2nd position in the web design competition. Finalist in the Debate event. Top 5 Finalist in the competitive coding event! :D 

May: Exams are approaching and I am scared. Only god can save me because even with exams ahead I am involved in everything apart studies! Mesmerizer happens! Lovely time spent!

June: Exams. Presented a GD before the Chairman of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited! Google Developers Group event in Taj Bengal 'Solve For India' developer conference! Got an internship! Work work work!


So yes, right now I am drowning in a sea of work. Its exciting and scary at the same time. Guess what, Google Foobar invited me for a play! :D Go on, do a wow! I was shocked straight for half hour when that happened! :D 

Anyway, Long post. Goodnight!


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