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What have I been up to till now

Jan 082017

Its the start of 2017, which I have promised myself to make an year that mattered when I think of my life down the years.


So here's a recap of where I stand presently-

1. Doing a Machine Learning course, learning to implement it in Python

2. Learning advanced Data Structures on Android, planning to build some machine learning apps too using Java

3. Going through economics books, planning to invest in the stock market! (Yeah...)

4. And a few quick-money endavour websites, just to flex my web development muscles 😁


So I gues this is it for this year. And oh..maybe I'll be looking to clear the SAT this year....but its sort of off the priority list.


And on the quirkier side, I am planning to further pursue my Spanish and Chinese language courses. Hope I can juggle perfectly with them some day :D


That's all for now! 1 week of 2017 down, Let's see where I reach with the rest 51!


Thanks for the read! :) Suggestions and advices are welcome in the comments below!



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