कहते थे,
साथ चलो

ये गलियाँ तुम नहीं चीन्हती,
हाथ पकड़, पास चलो

हम कहाँ आ पहुँचे,
तुम भी तनि आज चलो

दूर सही तुम दूर रहो,
चाहे हम से दूर चलो

कहीं थम जायेंगे, मिल जायेंगे,
शायद, इसिलीए चलो

जब साथ नहीं तो क्या गम़,
तुम लौह, एकाकी चलो

हम अपनी,
तुम अपनी राह चलो


How would we be, if we were we?
Would you be just you, would I be just I,
If you looked at me, as I look at you,
And we knew?

Would the skies be glittering more,
And the breeze be cooler still,
Would a falling star know, my wishes, yours,
And we knew?

A twisted tale of simple kids,
An unknown tale of dream,
For long hidden in my lips,
A truth it yearns to scream.

Not easy, it’s not an easy knot to make,
But eyes, the eyes are yelling, hear,
Be not deaf, make not me mute.

And there will be a time you’ll know it was me,
And me it was all along, you’ll know,
How I sat when the moment asked a stand,
So you could walk, and not collide,
With me.
As we.

Go Away, With Me

If we could, would you go,

To somewhere unknown, unheard of,

Some place the men do not know,

Some place the map knows not.


Stumbled upon I yester night,

A lovely island stood alone,

An unfound folly of foamy beaches bright,

A glowing emerald among sapphire tides.


There no eyes would see you, but mine,

No other would hear your velvet voice,

You’ll be none’s, but mine,

We’d be one, if you would, go away, with me.

A Matter of Time

To the gentle breeze I complained,
With my hair which softly played,
“We were meant to walk together,
Then why these distances?
Why can’t she see me, or me her?”

A baby bird jumped off the ledge,
Fluttered wings in vain, almost fell, nearly dead,
At last it flew, to me the wind said,
“Today he was left hungry, all alone,
To meet his desires, his destiny, his
wings he spread.

Life is like me, its a matter of times,
Through me that bird fell, on me that
bird flies.”

Just a drop of love

Let me look into your eyes,
Let me live in your smiles,
Give me the wings, the winds,
Let me light up your life…

I’ll slide down your temple,
Will melt down to your eye,
Roll down as a tear,
Smear on your lips,
Fly away in your sigh…

There I’ll be again,
Gliding down your chest,
A departee of your neck,
To lose myself at your heart,
And reborn at your waist…

Oh! Don’t just swipe me away!
I’m just a drop, born,
When you lost yourself to him,
When you won him, his soul,
With a kiss, joined, two hearts torn.

A Mourning in my eyes

Infinite as the sea I’ll be,
Indefinite as the rainbow dreams,
Another day I’ll rise, today I fall,
I’ll trickle down your eyes!
Like a dewdrop on the wall…

You’ll find in my spaces,
A world of unborn streams,
Nimble, swaying, a cotton ball,
I’ll live; I’ll die in your eyes,
Like a dewdrop on the wall..

Again in time you’ll search,
My touches, my praising prims,
Mayb you’ll fail, maybe you shall,
Find me, melting into your eyes,
Like a dewdrop on the wall..

When Stones Collide

My dreams shall wither away with me,
But my songs will always truest be…

Beyond the mountains of your grief,
You may wait, and wait till time endless,
But time won’t cross me that one reef,
Where I stand, seeking the corals of your happiness.

In the swarthing seas of life you’ll swim,
I’ll wake to the deluge of your depart,
Dare sends grave winds The Mighty Whim,
The winds shall break against my heart.

Time will know, through time we’ll ride,
Your smiles..your scowls, your tunes…your howls,
I’ll meet you there then, life’s beautiful bride,
A song we’ll sing, when two stones collide…

On a Misty Bay

At the moment of the end,
I shall breath in your serene sight,
When life is at the one last bend,
I’ll tiptoe into your dreams at night,
And together we shall fly away,
With wings of love to a misty bay.

We shall splatter in the sands,
Castles, of life, and those we make
Sculpted by our entwined hands,
The waves, of time and tide, shall break,
And together we shall shimmer away,
Into the starlets of heaven in a misty bay.

On that side of the mortal trance,
I shall wait for you,
Among the scarlets where dance,
The flittering fairies of flowery hue,
Together we shall melt away,
And delight with the drops on a misty bay.

No More

For heavens to slide
To my feet, hells do good.

She’s, than a bird’s glide,
Perfect, for she surpasses,
Blush of love, love of motherhood,
The veils of sleepless nights adore,
Her temples, her lashes
Brew to the burning throat.

Weigh desire, height of jealousy,
A hand in mine, one in Almighty,
A smile to the mightless me, one to the deity:

She looks into my eyes, smiles,
“Live happy, dear, for life
shall give you a hundred me”.
And then is quiet…quiet,
She was, she was, no more
is she, she was, is no more…