In A Developing Indian Town…

Varuna – a developing Indian town – town in a sense that it has a roadside board claiming it is a town and also a major bus stop – only because the bridge which linked the previously major bus stop, Badshahpur, has broken down and has been under repair for the last 4 years.

We live in a community of highly-intelligent illiterates. That is – every fellow here who has attained the age of 3+ and knows how to make out an apple from a bunch of mangoes considers himself to be a genius among geniuses.

It was days before the elections that I came here and was greeted with a punctual 14 hour current supply. Imagine – a nobody of a village receiving 14 hours of current supply with a mere 300 rupees fixed monthly bill! You suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of pride on having chose the
ruling Chief Minister of the state and endow him hundred blessings every evening the current lightens up your home at sharp 10’o clock.

I remember it was 5th of May, 2014, the voting day. Voter turn-out was so called ‘awesome’ and the weather was lovely.

The next day, the current failed to arrive the whole day. People attributed it to the light drizzle on the previous evening. And then, the next day. And on the third day of continued power outage, during which the village had seen 50% of its cell-phones give up, the village electrician was on rounds asking a donation of 10 rupees for repairing the wires.

On the fifth day, with all ‘Samsung’, ‘Nokia’ and other famous brand cell-phones dying out, and the indigenous ones still holding the fort with about 25% battery left, we were blessed with the current supply for an hour. All this while the morning paper brought us the fables of the village which was being awarded with a 24 into 7 power supply because there the candidate of the ruling party had won his candidature.

Uttar Pradesh government deems it correct to provide 24×7 current supply to the constituency from where it has won a seat and deprive its adjacent one from where it has lost.

Our village is comprised of farming families. These people toil day and night irrespective to earn their lifeline – the grain on which the ruling party feasts upon in its grand celebrations. These people have to think twice before allotting 100 rupees per month for the school fee of their child. And these people are the ones who pay thrice that amount for a current supply which shows its face nearly 6-7 days a month and which at the same time glows painfully in the other village. The only mistake the poor people made was to not vote for the person who did nothing to improve their condition for the last 5 years.

What is the government trying to prove?

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