This above all: Be true to thine self

Stand still. Look at yourself in the mirror.

Who do you see? A friend of mine replied to the present query,”I see a son who is the world’s most polite man in front of his father, I see an elder brother who is the most righteous man in front of his siblings, I see a friend who is the most loyal man in front of his mates and then in the mirror I see myself a foul-mouthed rogue who has no rights and wrongs but only self-benefit and is loyal to none including himself”. I ask you, what’s the worth of such a life? Let us name the man-of-many-faces you see as Mr. Other.

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India almost there…

Its time you ran.

No, not after your pretty girlfriend or that wallet of your dreams. God knows there are enough fools in India doing that. We hardly have any need of more youth sharing that load. Its time you ran for India.

Run, for that old lady you refused a coin while you crunched your tasty Uncle Chips. If you’ve ever travelled, you’d probably have faced the embarassing situation where old, children or differently abled people came seeking a few coins. And most of the times you’d have turned away or maybe you had granted them their coins. Coins…how many do you think you would need to survive for a single day? 40…50? Well, that was easy…now what if I told you, you have to do it everyday. Every single day till god took you for his? Coins…is it still enough?

Run, for that cousin at your village who would never know what you were talking about when you spoke of Whatsapp and Akon. If you have ever cared to look past his embarassed smile, you’d see him hating himself for being able to do nothing about his situation. You’d see the longing in his eyes of getting to know the world, getting to know what makes Facebook so addictive, to know how Google and Hermionee know-it-all, how you could know when your friend is sitting oceans apart and typing a message to you.

Run, for that ever-smiling boy who collects the garabage from the street corner where you dump it and forget all about. Know what he searches in what had no value to you. Know which treasure allures him in the garbage you wouldn’t touch once it was in the dustbin. Ask him what he’ll do once he gets tired of this. Do you know where he disappears everyday after he has found his bounty in your trash? Would you do the same if you were in his place? Or does your mother’s oh-my-darling-teddy manners she taught you don’t allow you to even imagine it?

Run, its your time. There were people before you who ran and fell. Few got up and ran again. They fell again. And this time none but handful got up and limped to glory. Limp, crawl, drag yourself to answer of all the questions I’ve asked you here. And once you reach them all, you’ll know…India is done with walking. Walking was what Gandhiji did when your grandfather was in his green days.

Its your day. Its your time. Run, India, Run.

Anubhav Singh – anubhavSsd


Hey there! I am Anubhav Singh, if that name floating all over this blog has failed to inform you, which I deeply regret and promise to do something about.

I am a simple boy with some huge (EXTREMELY) dreams. In short, I plan to dwarf over giants…but exactly which ones is for you to decide by going through my blog, which will be very kind of you, because people usually laugh at me when I tell them my ambition and I go on feeling awkward the whole day and eventually decide I don’t like those people, which I don’t want to be the case between you and me. Continue…